Future Park Leasehold Property Fund


Company Profile

The professional manager shopping complexes, one of real estate development Company, of which Wanglee family hold the biggest share. The company has skills, experiences and reputation in domestic business over years. The company was established on December 23, 1991 and began operating on March 17, 1995. The company managed Future Park Rangsit since its establishment, and throughout 15 years continuously developed the shopping complex towards tremendous success. This can be seen from the increase in the number of visitors per day. In 1996 the average number of customers was 57,800 per day; the present average visitors number is 150,000 a day, the highest of any shopping complex in Thailand. Future Park Rangsit's commercial space is also efficiently managed, with 97% of total area leased. Rangsit Plaza Co. Ltd. had also been able to maintain the number of lessee, allowing for continuity of business.

Currently the company's team comprises 245 highly knowledgeable and experienced managers and staff, who are determined to contribute to growth and integrity in the shopping complex business by working in accordance with globally-accepted standards.


“The Retail Professional that You Can Trust”

“We strive to be the professional real estate development and management in retailing, who also care for the clients, partners, society, environment, employees, investors and shareholders.”

Rangsit Plaza company limited is the professional manager of large shopping complexes such as Future Park Rangsit. The company began operating on December 23, 1991 under the name Kribton company limited. On March 17, 1992 the company's name was changed to the present name of Rangsit Plaza company limited. March 17 of every year is considered the founding date of the company and Future Park Rangsit shopping complex.

The operations of Rangsit Plaza Co. Ltd. are result of capital from 4 major groups of shareholders. The registered capital is 400 million baht.


Executive Management Structure


Rangsit Plaza Co. Ltd. has been in operation for 16 years, and is currently under the following board of directors.

Board Of Director
1. Mr.Suchin Wanglee Chairman
2. Mr.Danaithanit Bisalputra Director
3. Mr.Sukij Wanglee Director
4. Ms.Pimpaka Wanglee Director
5. Ms.Jittinan Wanglee Director
6. Mr.Kaet Wanglee Director
7. Mr.Ronnayuth Sirichotikul Director