Future Park Leasehold Property Fund


Corporate Social Responsibility

Social and Environmental Mission

Rangsit Plaza Company is well aware that business success and customer satisfaction are not the only decisive factors in its operation. Energy conservation, environmental preservation, and social assistance are therefore part of Rangsit Plaza Company's focus.

1. Energy and Environmental Conservation

Recycling Market

Future Park Rangsit shopping complex, in association with the Thai Environmental and Community Development Association's "Magic Eye" group initiated the Recycling Market in surveying waste material in local areas, and providing knowledge to department store vendors in proper waste management. Waste material purchasers are also contacted to pick up waste material from Future Park vendors at the Parking Lot Level B every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Future Park Rangsit is pleased to report its waste material output has decreased by 2.3 tons per day.

Forest Planting in Honor of His Majesty the King

The "December 5 Permanent Growth Forest Planting in Honor of His Majesty the King" ceremony was held for the Royal Forest Department to distribute trees and saplings to citizens. The ceremony aims to encourage citizens to plant trees and develop awareness of the importance of conserving plants, in order to adhere to the wishes of His Majesty the King, who graciously initiated the project in 2001. Currently more than 900 hectares of forests have been planted in the National Forest Preserve of Khao Tham Yae and Khao Rao Thean in Uthaithani province.

Energy Conserving Buildings

Energy usage is understandably high due to the large area of the Future Park Rangsit complex, encompassing a multitude of stores and serving a large number of customers. Future Park Rangsit encourage energy conservation through measures such as making improvements to air conditioning and cooling units, and switching from incandescent to energy saving fluorescent light bulbs.

2. Social Assistance

"If our people are in trouble, our nation cannot develop into civilized country" This is the one of the company's reasons to conform with the government and private policies in giving hands to people who become victims of all kind of natural disasters as well as the violent upheaval in southern border. Nowadays, Future Park has become a central coordinator between all sections.

2.1 Annual Pathumthani Red Cross Event

Future Park Rangsit cooperated with the Pathumthani provincial administration and the Pathumthani Red Cross Society in holding the annual Pathumthani Red Cross Event. Proceeds from the event will be presented to the Pathumthani Red Cross Society for social assistance programs. The event included many charitable activities including merit-making, the purchase of Red Cross lotteries, and blood donations.

2.2 Blood Donation

Rangsit Plaza Company has prepared space in Future Park Rangsit to accommodate mobile blood donation units every second Sunday of each month. A large number of visitors to Future Park Rangsit have given their blood to the Thai Red Cross Society, accounting for one of the largest blood quantities received in Thailand.

2.3 Construction of Thai Rath Witthaya School

Fundamental education is important to the development of the nation, therefore the CEO of Rangsit Plaza Company, Ms. Pimpaka Wanglee, donated 200,000 baht to the Thai Rath Witthaya School Foundation in order to construct school buildings.

2.4 Disaster Mitigation Centers

Every tambon in Thailand is susceptible to natural disasters and emergencies, therefore the Rangsit Plaza Company affirms that it is ready to provide assistance to disaster victims, through its cooperation with public and private entities. Rangsit Plaza Company has participated in disaster relief operations such as:

  • Encouraging Thai citizens to fold paper cranes with the Royal Thai Air Force so that they may be distributed in the three southern provinces as a symbol of peace and encouragement for a resolution to the southern unrest.
  • Establishing a fund and material donation center for tsunami victims
  • Establishing a fund and material donation center for Central Region disaster victims in 2006.

These are only a few of the many environmental and social contributions Rangsit Plaza Company has made in making Thailand and the world a better place to live in.