Future Park Leasehold Property Fund


Fund Management Company

BBL Asset Management Company Limited (BBLAM) is a broadly-diversified investment management company committed to offering investors superior performance. Founded in March 1992, the company has built its funds under management to approximately 312,071 million baht or 10,402 million USD as of 10 May 2013.

As an affiliated company of Bangkok Bank (BBL), the largest Thai commercial bank with 75% stakeholding in BBLAM , BBLAM has received full support for fund raising though strong nationwide BBL's branch network.

BBLAM offers and manages various type of fund across equity, fixed income, asset allocation strategies and real estate for institutional and retail clients. BBLAM manages 5 property funds, approximately 37,127 million baht or 1,238 million USD (as of 10 May 2013), which invest in several type of assets such as industrial estate, office building, service apartment, residential and mixed use condominium and retails.

BBLAM's success has been based on the core belief that active management delivers the best long-term returns. A distinctive stock selection approach seeking to generate alpha is central to BBLAM's investment philosophy. The company believes that experienced professionals and disciplined investment process can consistently add value to portfolio.