Future Park Leasehold Property Fund


Performance Highlight

FY2020 Performance : The Fund had Total Income of 596.20 million baht, Net Investment Income of 284.64 million baht, and Distribution Income of 407.77 million baht which dropped from 1,062.71, 868.05, and 764.69 million baht last year, in order.

The Fund also announced a dividend payment for 4Q2020 of 0.2100 baht per unit which equals to 5.09% * rate of return (Annualized)

NAV per Unit increased 22.27% from IPO price.
As of 31 December 2020, the Fund had Net Asset Value of 6,475.10 million baht or 12.2271 baht per unit.

Remark *Dividend yield based on closing price 16.50 baht per unit as of Jan 31st, 2021